PRIVATE MOONSHOT: The True Story of a Cosmic Quest to Reveal the Universal Truth

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PRIVATE MOONSHOT: The True Story of a Cosmic Quest to Reveal the Universal Truth!

Years before billionaires Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson turned their eyes to the heavens the vision to create today’s burgeoning commercial space industry was launched by a UPS truck driver and a guy that worked in a toilet factory.

I am the erstwhile “toilet factory guy” and former Marketing Director for Independent Rocket Systems, a now-defunct California-based aerospace concern. PRIVATE MOONSHOT is my chronicle of rogue Rocket Men thrust into a strange world of government conspiracy, historical misconception, religious fallacy and a calculated Armageddon. It is the true story of a rocket-fueled dream of flying away in escape from a disintegrating world.

In 1994 our company was involved with a group of dissident American scientists led by Richard C. Hoagland. Together we sought private-sector funding for a space mission to investigate anomalous structures on the surface of the moon (as photographed by the Apollo, Surveyor and Lunar Orbiter spacecrafts). A former NASA science writer, author and lecturer, Hoagland was Walter Cronkite’s Apollo-era Science Adviser on the CBS Evening News. For the last four decades he has conducted an independent inquiry into peculiar images on the lunar (and Martian) surface and spearheaded grassroots movements to force the U.S. government into releasing all classified space photographs.

PRIVATE MOONSHOT examines the technical, regulatory, political and financial hurdles raised by the grandiose enterprise of private citizens sending a camera to the moon. The manuscript is further propelled by the exploration of alternative subjects including the UFO phenomenon, the Apollo Hoax Theory, New World Order paranoia, Biblical prophecy and the Ancient Astronaut Theory. A true story of fellowship, loyalty, love, lust, loss, and in the end, family is also discovered within the pages of PRIVATE MOONSHOT.

What They’re Saying About PRIVATE MOONSHOT…

“Only a goddamn lunatic would write a thing like this and then claim it was true.”
–Dr. Hunter S Thompson, author & lunatic

“PRIVATE MOONSHOT is magnificent! (I think…).” -Ray Albrechtsen, columnist, The Viking Scroll

“Chuck Rose presents the clearest interpretation of The Ancient Astronaut Theory I have ever read.” -Vince Barbarick, editor, Sky Books

“Terrific, kookie, tongue-in-cheek humor! I look forward to submitting PRIVATE MOONSHOT to top publishing houses! Please sign and return our contract agreement along with a check for $300 to cover photocopying costs!” -Lila D’Vina, literary agent

“Chuck Rose’s talent lies in writing…not in shuffling papers for a great big toilet factory.” -Paul McQuown, IRS Project Director/UPS delivery driver

“Reminiscent of the early days of high-tech: great things getting done in a free-for-all MAD magazine atmosphere. If you enjoy testosterone-driven, crazy antics you’ll find PRIVATE MOONSHOT a hoot!”
-Felicia Eth, literary agent

“Oddly compelling!”
-Rita Roenkranz, literary agent


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